Power Prompter 2.5.6

  • Re-worked the "UI style" preference to make the intent more clear. Now you can select between system default, light UI or dark UI.
  • Added "identify display" buttons to the "Screens" list. Especially helpful when you're using multiple of the same display model. Pressing the button will highlight the display by displaying a red blinking border around the screen. (The button is a toggle - so you have to press it again to make the blinking stop).

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed a serious performance problem that occured when manually adjusting scroll speed during teleprompting. This could lead to very choppy scrolling on lower-end Macs.
  • Fixed a bug that lead to the sidebar inspector not being updated correctly after opening a script from disk.

  • A note from the devs: We usually don't want to "spam" you with updates but the bugfix for the performance issue was too important to hold the update back.