Power Prompter 2.0

Power Prompter 2.0 is here. With many changes under the hood that improve performance and stability. And a new feature that lets you create custom key bindings to control the teleprompter.

This version also changes the licensing system to a completely offline one. No more online activation needed - now you can run Power Prompter on Macs that are not connected to the internet and won't be bothered by the app asking you to re-activate it.

The licensing change should be completely transparent to all users. If you experience any issues (the app claiming not to be activated) please contact us.

You can read more about this change on our blog: https://suborbital.io/blog/upcoming-licensing-changes-power-prompter-2-0/

Oh, before we forget to mention it: This update is FREE for all our current customers! We felt a little bad for not adding many new features so we decided to make this major update free for all existing customers. :)