With the upcoming 2.0 release of Power Prompter there’s going to be a licensing change implemented. Don’t worry – the price stays the same. We’re just switching our licensing scheme.

Power Prompter 2.0

Our current licensing system works great but has the drawback that it requires an active internet connection to check the license every few weeks. Which means that Power Prompter installations which are not connected directly to the internet will ask the user to re-activate the app regurarly. Which is annoying and can waste a lot of productive time.

That’s why we’re switching to a system that will work completely offline. Your license key will work even if your Mac is not connected to the internet. All license validation and activation is now performed locally within the app. Though this brings the risk of increased piracy we chose to implement this change as we think it’s in the best interest of our users.

The switch should be completely transparent to you. In the best (and expected) case you won’t really notice anything happening. Power Prompter will just continue to work. In the worst case, which we’ve tested against for the last few months, you’ll have to contact us and we’ll issue you a new license key. But the chances of this happening are very very small.

If you’re reading this blog post because you’re experiencing any licensing issues please contact us under support@suborbital.io!

Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for contemporary small team and solo content creators.