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Power Prompter 1.5 is available

We just released version 1.5 of Power Prompter. This update adds an optional timestamp display to the teleprompter window.

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Video: How to use a teleprompter tips and techniques

A very interesting video we found on YouTube. It offers a great introduction to using a teleprompter and has some awesome tips for the beginner.

Power Prompter 1.4.4

We just pushed the Power Prompter 1.4.4 update to our servers. Customers using the direct download version from our website will receive the update automatically.

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Creating macOS X Screen Recordings on a Budget

If you’ve never tried to make a screen recording you’re probably lost about what software to use and where to start.

Luckily you don’t need to spend a dime to get started with screen casting. And it’s rather easy, too. Because macOS comes with all the tools you need on board.

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Recent Report Downloading Issues with Suborbital Reports

Just a short heads up: Currently Apple’s servers aren’t on top of their game and downloading reports can take some time or completely time out.

Just re-try it a few times and ignore the “unexpected login error” message Suborbital Reports is displaying.

If you can’t get it to work there’s another option: Log into the iTunes Connect page and download the daily reports. You can import those files then via “File -> Import Report Files…” in Suborbital Reports.


Using the Griffin PowerMate to Control Your Teleprompter

In this short Blog post we’re going to show how you can use the Griffin PowerMate USB controller to operate Power Prompter.

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Reports: SSL Related Login Issues

We just released an update (1.1.4) that fixes the most recent login issues.

Looks like Apple didn’t properly extend their SSL certificate for “” and the current certificate is only valid for “”. (See for yourself).

This did not only break Suborbital Reports but also Apple’s official Report Downloader command line tool.

We expect Apple to fix the issue soon but until then we updated Suborbital Reports to use the new domain.

Suborbital Reports Login Issues

Just a heads up: If you’re experiencing login issues with Suborbital Reports disable Two Factor Authentication for your account.

We’re working on adding 2FA support to Suborbital Reports. But until then you’ll have to keep it off to access your ITC sales reports with Suborbital Reports.

Power Prompter: Known Issues with macOS Sierra

Update: We have released Power Prompter 1.4.3 which fixes the issues mentioned below. The update is now available from our website and should be available soon via the App Store.

Even though our Sierra tests with Power Prompter were all positive some users reported the following issues with macOS Sierra:

  • The document window shows a grey strip above the script editor. The workaround to this is to simply resize the window a little.
  • Scrolling with a touch pad in the script editor can feel “jerky”. We’re working on a patch. But as this seems only to be happening on Macs with integrated NVidia GPUs our guess is that Sierra’s graphics drivers are a little wonky still.
  • So far these are the only issues reported. If you find something not on this list please let us know!

    We should be releasing fixes to this problems very soon!

    macOS 10.12 Sierra has been released. All our apps are compatible.

    Yesterday Apple released macOS 10.12 “Sierra” to the public. Though we were doing pretty extensive testing of our software on the beta we wanted to wait for the public release to confirm that all of our apps work perfectly fine with 10.12!

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