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Suborbital Reports 1.4 introduces log window

If you ever wondered why exactly there’s no reports available yet then you’ll love the new log window in Suborbital Reports. You can open it via the “Help” menu and by selecting “Show Log Window” there.

Suborbital Reports logs all important events to this window so you’ll be able to find out the reason for when Apple’s reports are delayed again. Login and database errors will show up there, too. So it’s a fantastic trouble shooting tool.


Suborbital Reports is FREE now!

It’s finally here. Suborbital Reports 1.3! The big change in this version? It’s freeware now! That’s right – we don’t charge you anything. You can use Suborbital Reports for free. No hidden costs, no subscriptions, nothing. Just good honest Freeware.

Head over to our Suborbital Reports page and download it now!

Upcoming Changes

Dear customers, we hope you had a great holidays season and a wonderful new year.

In the short term future we’re going to implement some changes to our products.

Power Prompter
Power Prompter will be getting a UI overhaul. We’re working on modernizing the user interface. Nothing workflow changing – mostly cosmetics and little quality of life improvements. So no reason for anyone to worry.

Color Squid
Color Squid will become App Store only for the foreseeable future. Our licensing provider changed their API/system in a way that makes it mostly incompatible with Color Squid. So we’ll be distributing the app exclusively via Apple’s Mac App Store. Your existing licenses will continue to work and we plan to re-introduce a direct purchase version of Color Squid very soon.

If Color Squid stops working for you please let us know and we’ll send you an unlocked version:

Suborbital Reports
We’re making Suborbital Reports free. If you’re running a software business that distributes software via the Apple App Store (both Mac and iOS) you will find Suborbital Reports very useful. And very free of charge 😉

We’re doing this because it’s a highly niche software that didn’t have the commercial success we expected it to have. And because we’re using the software for our own business we’ve decided to make the app freeware. It will continue to get maintenance updates for as long as the App Store exists. But we will be adding only the features we personally need and customer support on this one will be very limited.

If you bought Suborbital Reports in the last 6 months and would like to have a refund just let us know:

Power Prompter 2.0

Dear Users,

Power Prompter 2.0

for the last 6 months we’ve been working on the 2.0 update to Power Prompter. Initially we had planned to add many new features. But as it came to be we did mainly “under the hood” work, improving performance + stability and fixing bugs. Features got the short end of the stick, so to speak.

Now, as users tend to expect new features in exchange for their hard earned money we felt that making 2.0 a paid upgrade wouldn’t be right. So we decided to make it a free upgrade for all our customers – extending support and our free update guarantee for at least another year.

We’re going to release Power Prompter 2.0 shortly after Apple releases macOS High Sierra and once we have tested Power Prompter with the latest Mac operating system.

Btw. we didn’t forget to add features completely! One much requested feature made it into 2.0: User defined custom key bindings. Now you will be able to turn even the most exotic input devices into a remote control for Power Prompter.

Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for contemporary small team and solo content creators.

Suborbital Reports 1.2

We just pushed Suborbital Reports 1.2 to our servers.

This update deprecates support for username/password credentials and introduces support for the new iTunes Connect Authentication Token scheme.

Please refer to the following blog post to find out more about the new iTunes token:

Suborbital Reports is an iTunes Connect report aggregation and analytics application for the Mac

Reports: iTunes Connect Authentication Token Support

As you probably know Apple is going to retire the use of username and password for their report ingestion APIs by August 2017. That’s why Suborbital Reports is going to remove support for username/password in the next update.

When we release the upcoming update of Suborbital Reports you won’t be able to change or set your account’s username and password. You will be required to generate an authentication token on Apple’s website and use that.

Note that your existing login credentials will continue to work until Apple’s server start rejecting that login method. We just removed the possibility of setting or changing the username and password in Suborbital Reports.

We suggest you generate an Authentication Token for your accounts as soon as possible and start using this token. It’s more secure than having your iTunes Connect login credentials accessible to other applications.

To generate a token follow Apple’s guide:

(It’s really simple: Log into iTunes Connect, go to the Sales and Trends tab, make sure you’re in the Reports submenu and there click on the little question mark button in the upper right corner next to About Reports. From the popup select Generate Aceess Token.)

Suborbital Reports is an iTunes Connect report aggregation and analytics application for the Mac

Recent Report Downloading Issues with Suborbital Reports

Just a short heads up: Currently Apple’s servers aren’t on top of their game and downloading reports can take some time or completely time out.

Just re-try it a few times and ignore the “unexpected login error” message Suborbital Reports is displaying.

If you can’t get it to work there’s another option: Log into the iTunes Connect page and download the daily reports. You can import those files then via “File -> Import Report Files…” in Suborbital Reports.


Reports: SSL Related Login Issues

We just released an update (1.1.4) that fixes the most recent login issues.

Looks like Apple didn’t properly extend their SSL certificate for “” and the current certificate is only valid for “”. (See for yourself).

This did not only break Suborbital Reports but also Apple’s official Report Downloader command line tool.

We expect Apple to fix the issue soon but until then we updated Suborbital Reports to use the new domain.

Suborbital Reports Login Issues

Just a heads up: If you’re experiencing login issues with Suborbital Reports disable Two Factor Authentication for your account.

We’re working on adding 2FA support to Suborbital Reports. But until then you’ll have to keep it off to access your ITC sales reports with Suborbital Reports.

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