iOS and Mac Devs: Is your app business profitable?

Without knowing your key metrics running a profitable app business is impossible…

Suborbital Reports: App Store Analytics for Mac

If you are like most indies then chances are that you don't know those key metrics. Numbers which are essential to running a successful app business. Without knowing how much is coming in and how much you can expect to earn this year it's very difficult to make business decisions!

But we're not blaming you. In fact it is really hard to keep track of these metrics if all you have are Apple's sales reports which you have to download manually and analyze in a spreadsheet app. And if you have to manage more than one account the trouble REALLY starts.

So most developers just ignore these essential metrics. They check the iTunes Connect Sales tab every few days and that's it. And when the sales seem too low they start working on the next app with hopes of striking gold this time…

But you can't run a business like that. Sure, a hobby, no problem! But a business? How do you know if your new app is really profitable enough to warrant continued development? What if the app has an upward trend but you don't see it because of a brief drop in sales over the last few days? How do you know if the app description change you made 2 weeks ago really did improve the sales? You can't if you don't have all the data infront of you.

Enter Suborbital Reports. The app which lets you analyze your app business. INSTANTLY. Suborbital Reports aggregates all your iTunes sales reports, parses them and creates beutiful graphs and stats which show what's going on right now - and how your business is doing compared vs. last month and last year.

For Solo Devs

Working alone? Suborbital Reports is perfect for you! Keep track of your app business and make better business decisions which allow you to thrive and grow!

For Teams

Suborbital Reports is great for teams. Either share your Reports database or have every team member download sales reports on their own. It works both ways!

For Agencies

Managing more than one account? So do we! Suborbital Reports works with multiple iTunes accounts and automatically keeps track of what apps belong to which account.

Clear and Easy to Read Graphs
Overview at the first glance

Ever wondered how much exactly you did earn? That’s a thing of the past now. Suborbital Reports shows your revenues, downloads, updates and refunds all neatly and clearly.

Love numbers? We have them!
See how you’re doing vs. the last year …

… and see how much you probably will be making this year. No more back of the napkin calculations to find out how your software business is doing. Just a quick look and you know if it’s time to panic or to get out the champagne …

Don't trust cloud services with your crucial business data…

If you're using one of the many cloud analytics services you're essentially handing over your most crucial business data to a 3rd party you don't know. You don't have any control over how your business data is stored, who gets to see it and in what way it is protected from hackers…

Worse: Your cloud service of choice could be run by a direct competitor who now has all the insights to your key metrics.

Just imagine: What if the service got hacked, the data leaked and suddenly every other dev on this planet knows how profitable it would be to clone your app?

With Suborbital Reports you don't have to worry about all that. Because you decide how your data is secured. You can keep it on an encrypted hard drive. You can make secure encrypted backups to a cloud service. It's all up to you and not to someone who really doesn't have a stake in your business other than the $5 they're charging you every month.

Data Safety at the core

We developed Suborbital Reports because we weren't comfortable with trusting our sales data to unknown 3rd parties. This was one of the main reasons why we decided to build Suborbital Reports. And it's still one of our core values today: No one but Apple and the Dev should see the sales reports.

That's why we don't collect any analytics whatsoever of how you use Suborbital Reports. Total data safety and security is the most important thing to us!

No Vendor Lock In

Another core value is that there must not be a vendor lock in of the user's data. That's why we store everything in a SQLite3 database file. And we provide a schema file with the Suborbital Reports app bundle. Futher we do not delete the original report files so you have always access to the raw original data.


Supports iOS, Mac and In-App Purchases.

Suborbital Reports supports all important sales reports. You can use it to keep track of your Mac, iOS and In-App sales.

No Web Scraping

Remember those times when an iTunes Connect update locked you out of your analytics software? Those days deffinitely are gone as we're using the official auto ingestion API.

Safe & Secure

All sales reports are kept on your Mac. No servers you don't control between you and your vital business data.


Also remember those times when taking a look at the last 2 years of data took 5 minutes to load? Now, how about 5 seconds? Too long? 0.5 seconds should be fast enough then!

Completely Free

Suborbital Reports is freeware. We don't charge you anything. You can use it no matter if you're a small one person indie studio or a multinational mega corp.

Under Active Development

You can be sure that Suborbital Reports will regurarly get new features and updates. Simply because we are our own customers.

Download Suborbital Reports

Suborbital Reports is a Mac App!
To Download it visit the following link on your Mac:

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Download Now (Requires OS X 10.10 or later)

Click the button below to
download Suborbital Reports now!

Download Now (Requires OS X 10.10 or later)