Returns & Refunds

Refund policy for software purchased directly from our website

As per our 90 day money back guarantee you have the right to return any software you purchased directly from us (via our website) within 90 days of purchase and get a full refund. You do not require to state any reasons. This guarantee is unconditional and valid for 90 days starting with the day of your purchase.

To request a refund simply send us an email to Please don't forget to mention your order ID or anything else that helps us identify your purchase (your name, the email address used for the purchase, etc).

Refunds and the Apple Mac App Store

Sadly it's not possible for us to extend our money back guarantee to software purchased from the Apple Mac App Store. For software bought from the App Store Apple's refunds policy applies. This policy depends on your country and varies widely according to local customer protection laws.

You can initiate an App Store refund via Log in with the Apple ID you used to purchase the software you want to return and select "Request Refund" from the menu associated with the software.

Please note that we can't offer any support for App Store refunds as we don't have any kind of access to Apple's app store back end. Only Apple can help you if you're experiencing any issues with the refund process. Visit Apple's support website to request support: