Suborbital Reports FAQ

Suborbital Reports FAQ

What are the system requirements?

Suborbital Reports runs on any Mac with OS X 10.10 or later.

Please note that Suborbital Reports works only with iTunes Connect accounts. We do not support Google Play, Amazon or any other servcie.

Can I install Suborbital Reports on multiple Macs?

Yes, you can install Suborbital Reports on as many Macs as you own. Your team-mates/employees may also use Suborbital Reports along with you.

Is my data secure with Suborbital Reports?

Yes. Suborbital Reports is not cloud based so the downloaded reports don't go through any 3rd party server you have no control over. Sales reports are downloaded to your Mac, proccessed there and never leave your Mac.

In addition your login credentials are securely stored in the encrypted OS X System Keychain. So even if someone should somehow get access to your database file they won't be able to login into iTunes Connect and do any harm.

How many apps/accounts does Suborbital Reports work with?

Suborbital Reports supports an unlimited number of accounts and apps. You can manage as many accounts as you wish.

There is also no extra cost attached. You pay the same price wether you have one or ten accounts because all the calculations are being performed locally on your Mac.

I have noticed that Suborbital Reports connects to some non-Apple servers. What's up with that?

Suborbital Reports regularly connects to our update server to check if a new version is available. It also sends some anonymized usage statistics (OS X version, Mac model and screen resolution). In case of a crash an anonymized crash report is sent to us (which only contains the location of the crash - no memory dump is included!).

Other than that Suborbital Reports doesn't transmit any data. It will NEVER send any sensitive data to us or any other party. Your sales data is safe all the time and no one but you has access to it.

Has the Full Version more features than the Trial Version?

No. The trial version is feature complete. Its only limitation is that it stops working after 14 days and you will have to purchase a license to continue using Suborbital Reports.

Please do not buy the full version hoping that a feature you can’t find in the trial is included with the full version. It is not. If you miss something crucial from the trial version do not buy the full version! Instead contact us and let us know that there’s a feature you’d like to see added to Suborbital Reports.

Will Suborbital Reports run on an iPad or Android or Windows?

No. Suborbital Reports is exclusive to the Mac. We do not have an iPad or iPhone app nor do we support other desktop operating systems than OS X.

Do you charge per app? Is there a subscription fee?

No. Suborbital Reports is buy-to-own software. We do not charge based on number of apps nor do we have any kind of subscription model. Once you pay for the license it's yours for ever.

I have a large Appviz / Appviz 2 database. Can I import it?

Yes. You will have to drop your Appviz report files into the inbox folder. How to do this exactly is described in the Suborbital Reports Manual.

Question not answered?

If your question hasn’t been answered send us a mail to support@suborbital.io. No matter what kind of question you might have - technical or sales - we’ll do our best to answer it.