We’re happy to announce that the latest update of Power Prompter is now available.

Power Prompter 2021.5’s main new feature is the dedicated transparent teleprompter window which has been designed to work with meeting software like Zoom or MS Teams.

You can turn the window fully transparent and pin it to the top so the window will stay above all other apps. Now you can read your script and follow the meeting at the same time!

New Features:

  • New dedicated transparent teleprompter window designed for tele conferencing, virtual meetings and screen casts. This window can be pinned to be always-on-top.
  • New margin alignment setting which allows you to move the text area within the prompter window to the left or right.


  • Teleprompter windows now remember their position, size when you open new teleprompter windows.
  • Teleprompter toolbar elements (controls, labels, etc) remember their setting when you open new teleprompter windows.
  • Added shift key modifier to scroll wheel events in the teleprompter window. Shift + scroll during play will now adjust position, shift + scroll during pause will adjust scroll speed. (This behavior can be flipped in the preferences panel).
  • The window transparency feature has been improved: The text now stays opaque while the window itself becomes transparent.
  • Native M1 Support has been improved.
  • Improved compatibility with ZOOM.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes break mouse scrolling when hiding/showing the bookmark sidebar
  • Fixed a bug that would de-sync the editor and prompter windows sometimes when using the “scroll by line” feature

Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for small teams and solo content creators.