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Updates to our Money Back Guarantee

We recently updated our Money Back Guarantee. It’s now valid for 90 days instead of “just” 60 days. This means that you can return any purchase you made on our website within 90 days. No questions asked!

Please note that this only applies to software you buy directly from us. If you buy from Apple’s App Store then we can’t extend that guarantee to you and Apple’s returns and refunds policy (depends on your location – usually 14 days) applies.

This guarantee has been automatically extended for all recent purchases. So if you bought 61 days ago and want to return your software you can do so now for another 29 days.

PS: You might wonder why we’re doing this. Are we crazy and hate money? No, we want happy customers (no sense in keeping your money if you hate our product) and our refund rate for the past years is below 0.1% so we don’t think we’re going to go bankrupt any time soon 😉

Power Prompter: Versioning scheme update

We recently made a change to how we name Power Prompter versions. Instead of the familiar “3.2.1” scheme we’re going to number updates through a year now. So let’s say the 5th update of 2019 – the version would be “2019.5”. The sixth update would be “2019.6”, etc.

We made this change because the previous versioning scheme (called semantic versioning – you can look it up if you’re _that_ bored) didn’t fit the way we develop our software anymore.

We prefer to release frequent smaller functional updates. Semantic versioning on the other hand lends itself better to pooling features for “major” updates and release them once a year (or even further apart).

So that’s that. It’s a cosmetic change and you can happily ignore it.

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