Just to keep you updated on what we’re up to: Currently we’re working on version 1.4.5 of our teleprompter app “Power Prompter”. This update will be free for all our users and will include mostly bug fixes…

New Features:

  • A new highlighting option: This option will leave the highlighted line at its current brightness but make all text outside this line visibly darker. Similar to the fade out option but without a gradual fade.


  • The “eye” button in the screen list will get fixed. It’s intended to add a glow to the display to make it easier to find in a multi display setting. But currently it does nothing. So we’re going to fix that.
  • We’re hunting for a crash that’s happening when the user searches for a string and edits the script directly afterwards. Currently we have only crash reports from one user/machine – which makes this bug extraordinarily hard to track down. If you’re experience this bug PLEASE contact us: support@suborbital.io!
  • We’re going to extend the “scroll teleprompter with editor” option a little. Currently it works only with the scroll wheel/scroll touch gesture. But if you use the keyboard to jump around in the editor the teleprompter windows won’t do anything. This will be fixed.

If nothing comes in between we’re aiming at a release in September 2016. After 1.4.5 we’re going to start working on 1.5 which will be a more feature-centric update with innovative features not found in any other teleprompter software yet! Stay tuned…

Power Prompter is a teleprompter for Mac computers which is specially designed for contemporary content creators.