How do I edit brightness/saturation of a single ramp?

You can modify any color by moving the sliders in the color edit section without affecting any other color in your palette. This also applies to multi selections. To select and subsequently edit a multitude of colors keep your shift or command key pressed while left-clicking colors in the palette view.

What is hue-shifting for?

Hue-Shifting is a quick way for finding shades of colors with increased contrast and therefore readability compared to simple modulation of a colors brightness.

How do I use my palette in OS X's color picker?

Choose 'Export File' from ColorSquids file menu and save your palette as an OS X Palette (.clr) file. Next open OS X's native color picker in any application you inted to use your palette with and simply change in OS X's color picker to the palette tab, click the gear icon next to the palette drop down menu and open your exported file.

Will you implement feature x?

Probably. In due time. Although we can not guarantee anything, nor are we able to give any timeline. But if you have any suggestion we are eager to hear it. Just drop us a mail.

I have read the manual and still need help

Don't panic! ;) We're here to help you out. Just drop us an email and describe what problems you have with ColorSquid. We'll try our best to help you! (Please mention what Mac you use, which version of OS X is installed and what version of ColorSquid you're running).