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Remote Control

Power Prompter comes with support for being controlled over the network. Currently this includes being controlled from another Mac running Power Prompter and/or from an iOS device (iPad/iPhone) running our free remote control app.

iOS remote control also offers the option of Bluetooth connectivity.

You can also use a wireless keyboard or a presentation clicker. This is explained in the previous chapter "Controlling The Prompter".


iOS to Mac

Once you have downloaded the iOS remote control app (link below) you can use it to remotely control a Power Prompter instance via either a local WiFi network or Bluetooth LE. The iOS remote app comes with its own manual that covers connection setup and trouble shooting.

Having said that Bluetooth LE should work out of the box (provided you enable Bluetooth both on your Mac and iOS device) while wifi usually offers a more stable connection but requires some setup (mostly making sure both devices are in the same network).

To download the iOS remote control app wither scan this QR code or visit with your iPhone/iPad.

Both links will take you to the iOS App Store page for "Power Prompter Remote". Alternatively you can search directly for "Power Prompter Remote" in the App Store.

Fixing iOS to Mac Issues

If you encounter any problems with connection the iOS remote to your Mac please refer to the provided iOS app manual for detailed trouble shooting instructions.


Mac to Mac

You can remote control Power Prompter from another Mac which runs Power Prompter (including PP Express). To do so make sure both Macs are on the same LAN (either Wifi or ethernet) and open the the remote control window via File ▶ New Remote Control.

In the central list you can see all available local network instances of Power Prompter. Click on an entry in the list and you will be connected to the running Power Prompter instance.

The slider to the left lets you adjust scroll speed and the two buttons to the right fulfill "rewind" and "play/pause" functions.

There's a status label above those two buttons which displays the current document name and its prompting status.

Fixing Mac to Mac Issues

For remote control to work both devices (controller and controlled) need to be on the same local network. Usually this is the case when both devices are using the same WiFi network. But if your teleprompter Mac connects via Ethernet (wire) to the network and your remote control device uses WiFi you need to make sure that both devices are on the same local subnet.

Further make sure Bonjour (zeroconf, mdns) services are not filtered on the network and that UDP port 19824 is not blocked by your firewall on the Mac which is about to be controlled.