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Power Prompter Manual


Welcome to the Power Prompter manual!

This manual is intended to help you with using Power Prompter in a productive and efficient way. While it tries to explain the most common tasks it assumes that you're familiar with macOS and know how to operate a Mac at a novice to intermediate level. So the manual won't go out of its way to describe basics like how to create new documents using the "file" menu, etc. It will however mention when Power Prompter deviates from macOS paradigms to keep "surprises" to a minimum.

At any point if you have any questions - no matter how trivial they might seem - please don't hesitate to contact our support via email:

Conventions used in this manual

This guide highlights important elements in a specific style. Here's what the different styles mean:

Style Description
Menu ▶ Menu Item A menu and the menu item. The last item in the chain is the one you're supposed to click.
Setting/Option A setting/option label.
Control A button, checkbox or slider you can click.
Key A key you can press.

To the left you find a list with topics this manual discusses. On the right side a list of sub-topics will appear for each selected topic.

At any point if something is not clear please don't hesitate to contact our support: