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Using the mouse/trackpad

Controlling Power Prompter with your mouse (or trackpad) is maybe the easiest and most natural way. Simply operate the teleprompter's UI elements with your mouse and adjust scroll speed with the mouse wheel. The scroll wheel (or scroll gesture on trackpads) has two functions. If your teleprompter is running it will change the scrolling speed. If the telepromtper is paused the scroll wheel is going to scroll through the script.

You can adjust the scroll wheel's sensitivity in the General preferences tab under Scroll Wheel Sensitivity.

💡️ If your Mac has a newer "Force Touch" trackpad we suggest you configure the feedback click to be as inaudible as possible. This can be done in the "Trackpad" system preferences.

Using the keyboard

Once you get a little used to Power Prompter it's maybe a good idea to learn some of the keyboard shortcuts to control your prompting session. Not only will it save time but usually a soft key press is less audible than a mouse or trackpad click.

Power Prompter comes with default keybaord shortcuts and an indepentend fully user-customizable shortcut set. The default keyboard shortcuts work only when a teleprompter window has keyboard focus, while the custom user shortcuts work in every whindow (including the editor).

The default key mapping is:

Key action action during playback
Space play pause
Backspace rewind rewind
Up scroll up 1 line reverse scroll direction
Down scroll down 1 line normal scroll direction
W increase scroll speed increase scroll speed
S decrease scroll speed decrease scroll speed

As noted above, these shortcuts will only work when the teleprompter window has keyboard focus. If you need shortcuts that work when the editor has keyboard focus (or when Power Prompter is in the background) you will have to assign custom shortcuts. This can be done in the Shortcuts prefences panel. See the "Preferences" chapter for more on this topic.

💡️ Hint: You can use a wireless/bluetooth keyboard to control Power Prompter from afar.