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USB/Bluetooth devices

Power Prompter can be controlled by many devices. Almost any USB/Bluethooth device that minics a keyboard (can send keystrokes to your Mac) is compatible with Power Prompter. Simply assign the device buttons in Power Prompter's Shortcuts preferences and you're ready to go.

USB Controllers

Power Prompter supports most "USB Controllers" like the Griffin Powermate or the Contour ShuttleXPress. Bluetooth remotes and pedals are also supported.

You can set up most of these devices via their control software. For example for the ShuttleXPress you first have to define which key codes the buttons send and then in Power Prompter you map those key codes to specific actions via the Shortcuts preferences panel.

You can also refer to our device specific guides:

💡️ If you wonder if a particular USB/BT device is going to work with Power Prompter or not: Look up if the device is compatible with macOS and if it can be configured to send key codes and scroll events. If the device has this capability it is most likely going to work with Power Prompter. If still in doubt just ask us.

Using presentation clickers

You can use almost any presentation remote control with Power Prompter. Standard remotes which are compatible with Apple Keynote and/or Microsoft PowerPoint should work out of the box.

If your remote is nonstandard and uses different keycodes you can use the Shortcuts panel in Preferences to map the remote's buttons to Power Prompter functions.

💡️ Presentation clickers that conform to the Power Point/Keynote control scheme work only when the teleprompter window has input focus as they send key combinations the editor would mistake for normal text input.