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Power Prompter features a bookmark system that allows you to mark and then quickly access places within your scripts.

Creating bookmarks

You can bookmark a location in your script by moving the text input marker (cursor) to the location where you want to add the bookmark and then select Bookmarks ▶ Insert Bookmark (⌘K).

You can also prepend * (asterisk) to the beginning of a line to quickly bookmark a location in your script.

💡️ Note that you should add bookmarks using the * (asterisk) option only at the beginning of a pargraph to prevent Power Prompger from moving the bookmark while re-arranging the script to make it fit to your words/line setting.

Deleting bookmarks

You can delete bookmarks either directly from the bookmarks sidebar by right-clicking on a bookmark and selecting delete from the context menu or by moving the text input onto a bookmark and using Bookmarks ▶ Delete Bookmark (⌘K).

Jumping to a bookmark

The "Bookmarks" menu

Whenever you create a bookmark an entry is added to the Bookmarks menu. You then can access the bookmark via its associated menu item or by pressing the associated keyboard shortcut of ⌘1 through ⌘9.

The bookmark sidebar

Anohter way to access bookmarks is to use the Bookmarks sidebar. You can either doube click on a bookmark to jump the teleprompter position to it or click on the arrow button next to the bookmark entry.

You can toggle the bookmarks sidebar either via Bookmarks ▶ Show/Hide Bookmark List or by pressing the bookmark button in the editor toolbar.