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Power Prompter FAQ

How do I change the font size?

You can change the font size indirectly by moving the "Words per Line" and "Prompter Margin" sliders in the Script inspector. Power Prompter will then set the point size to line up line breaks on any attached display - indepentent of the display's physical resolution.

Does Power Prompter support remote control via Bluetooth?

Yes. Since version 1.4 Power Prompter supports Bluetooth remote control via the iOS remote app.

Does Power Prompter support the Contour ShuttleXpress?

Yes. In fact the ShuttleXpress is our reference USB controller we use to test Power Prompter. It works really really well and if you're looking for an inexpensive USB controller we can only recommend it!

I have multiple Macs. Is there a sync function planned?

Power Prompter is compatible with iCloud document storage. You can use iCloud to sync script files. Though Power Prompter currently does not support live-reloading on scripts that have been changed on a different Mac. You will have to manually close and re-open the script to get the updated version.

What format does PP use to store the data and is there a vendor lock in?

Power Prompter uses a plain Sqlite 3 database to store all document data. You can open .ppr files with any sqlite3 client and extract data. The database contains plain text as TEXT and attributed RTF text as BLOB.

A SQL schema file for the database is included in the Power Prompter app bundle.

Help! A Power Prompter document I created is huge and takes ages to send via email (tens of megabytes). Why?!

Most likely you added a high-resolution background image to the script. Either remove the background image from the document or use one with a lower resolution.

I have noticed that PP connects to some non-Apple servers. What's up with that?

Power Prompter regularly connects to our update server to check if a new version is available.

Other than that Power Prompter doesn't transmit any data. It will NEVER send any of your data to us or any other party. Your data is safe at all times and no one but you has access to it.

I need to recover a lost license. What should I do?

Contact us and mention your order number/id, email address you purchased with, name (or anything else that we can use to find your order in the database).

I get a "max activation limit reached" error when I try to unlock PP with my license.

Simply de-activate the license on one of your Macs (Select "Manage License" from the "Power Prompter" menu). Standard licenses are limited to 3 simultaneous installations. If you need a license to cover more Macs please contact us via

If you can't de-activate a license because you re-installed OS X or sold your Mac please contact us and we will reset the installation count.

This doesn't apply anymore. License have now unlimited activations.

When I buy Power Prompter 3.x now and you release 4.0 next month will I get the update for free?

Yes. If you buy Power Prompter 3.x and we release version 4.0 within 12 months of your purchase date you will get the update for free.

So your money back guarantee...

Yes, it really is "no questions asked". Just contact us us and tell us that you want your money back.

Please note that this money back guarantee applies only to licenses directly purchased from our website. If you bought the app from the Mac App Store then Apple's terms and conditions regarding returns apply.


We can not refund Mac App Store purchases. We don't get any customer data from Apple and we have no access to the App Store payment system. If you want a refund for a Mac App Store purchase please contact Apple directly.

I have read the manual and still need help!

Don't panic! ;) We're here to help. Just drop us an email and tell us what problems you have with Power Prompter. We'll try our best to help you! (Please don't forget to mention what Mac model you're using, which version of OS X is installed and what version of Power Prompter you're running).