The new Power Prompter update is here. It’s a minor update which brings the following changes:

  • The teleprompter window features now a scroll speed label above the speed slider. By default it displays the speed as percent. But you can switch through different units (word/second, words/minute, lines/second, lines/minute) by clicking on the label.
  • Spawning new teleprompter windows by pressing CMD-T while a teleprompter window has keyboard focus works again.
  • Fixed a bug that would randomly bring teleprompter windows into the foreground whenever playback was initiated. (This happened only when more than one prompter window was active).
  • Fixed a bug that would display ugly scroll bars in the display list when a mouse was connected to the system.

The update is available now from the Mac App Store or from the update feature of the direct download version of Power Prompter (Menu: Power Prompter -> Check for updates…).

You can find the complete release notes by following this link:

Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for small teams and solo content creators.