Release Notes

Teleprompter for macOS 10.13, 10.14

Power Prompter Release Notes

Power Prompter (Update 2020.1)

New features:



Bug fixes:

Power Prompter (Update 2019.5)


Bug fixes:

Power Prompter 3.0.3

This update improves compatibility with the upcoming macOS 10.14.5 update.

Power Prompter 3.0.2

This update fixes the Keyboard Shortcuts window. The window will now display correctly on all systems.

Power Prompter 3.0.1


Bug fixes:

Power Prompter 3.0


Bug fixes:

Power Prompter 2.5.6

  • Re-worked the "UI style" preference to make the intent more clear. Now you can select between system default, light UI or dark UI.
  • Added "identify display" buttons to the "Screens" list. Especially helpful when you're using multiple of the same display model. Pressing the button will highlight the display by displaying a red blinking border around the screen. (The button is a toggle - so you have to press it again to make the blinking stop).

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed a serious performance problem that occured when manually adjusting scroll speed during teleprompting. This could lead to very choppy scrolling on lower-end Macs.
  • Fixed a bug that lead to the sidebar inspector not being updated correctly after opening a script from disk.

  • A note from the devs: We usually don't want to "spam" you with updates but the bugfix for the performance issue was too important to hold the update back.

    Power Prompter 2.5.4

  • New indicator colors: Orange, Purple, Blue
  • Added support for native macOS Mojave "Dark Mode" while keeping pre-Mojave dark mode working for users who didn't update to the newest macOS version yet.
  • The direct download app bundle is now notarized by Apple and uses the new macOS "hardened runtime". Improving security and stability for all our users.

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed an issue where new teleprompter windows would open in a tab and not in a completely new window.

  • Power Prompter 2.5.3

    2.5.4 pre relase. please disregard. beta users only.

    Power Prompter 2.5.2

  • RTF/DOC import will now honor Italic and Bold font attributes
  • Power Prompter won't change the icon of imported files anymore

  • Improvements:
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts which contain Control or Option keys will now work in every window
  • New highlight option "Blackout": Darken non-highlighted text
  • New indicator color: Yellow

  • Power Prompter 2.5

  • Power Prompter now automatically remembers settings for scroll speed, prompter margin and words per line.
  • Sidebar scrollers are now automatically hidden when not required.
  • Fixed a crash that could be triggered by performing Undo in the editor during/after teleprompting.
  • Support for macOS Mojave dark mode has been added.

  • Power Prompter 2.4.8

    This update improves importing from MS Word: Power Prompter will now import text colors you set in MS Word.

    Power Prompter 2.4.4

    This update fixes .docx and .rtf import bugs:

    After adding support for .doc, .docx and .rtf file import we got a lot of feedback by users who were complaining that their imported scripts didn't line up between editor and teleprompter windows.

    After some investigation we found the cause to be MS Word and other word processors adding special control tags to their documents which were meant for printing control and would display fine in the editor but would confuse the teleprompting engine.

    That’s why we reworked the document import feature to now strip all style tags and just to import the raw text. All custom font settings, colors, sizes and font styles will now be ignored by Power Prompter when importing documents from other applications.

    Power Prompter 2.4.2

    This minor update adds the following improvements:

    If you think you have an idea how Power Prompter can be improved or you found a bug please dont hesitate to contact us:

    Power Prompter 2.4

    With this update Power Prompter supports now saving of MS Word (.docx), RTF and Plain Text files.

    You can now export your scripts from Power Prompter to these file formats via the "File -> Save As…" menu. Please note that MS Word ignores background color attributes and sets your script's background color to white. MS Word also ignores most formatting in "Print" or "Outline" mode. You should switch to "Web Preview" mode to display your script correctly.

    If you want to keep maximum compatibility we suggest you export to RTF or Plain Text format as this can be read by most word processors without any issues.

    We have also fixed a bug in the trial version which would limit the trial to approximately 4 days instead of 30 days. If you had this problem please apply this update as all trials have been reset to 30 days.

    Power Prompter 2.3

    This update adds support for MS Word (.doc and .docx) files. Power Prompter can now import your MS Word document files.

    Please refer to our blog post about the details as there are some limitations to this functionality: Click here to visit our blog.

    We also fixed a bug that would prevent changing font colors in some instances.

    Power Prompter 2.2

    Power Prompter 2.0.1

    This update fixes a bug that would end the 30 day trial in less than 30 days.

    Power Prompter 2.0

    Power Prompter 2.0 is here. With many changes under the hood that improve performance and stability. And a new feature that lets you create custom key bindings to control the teleprompter.

    This version also changes the licensing system to a completely offline one. No more online activation needed - now you can run Power Prompter on Macs that are not connected to the internet and won't be bothered by the app asking you to re-activate it.

    The licensing change should be completely transparent to all users. If you experience any issues (the app claiming not to be activated) please contact us.

    You can read more about this change on our blog:

    Oh, before we forget to mention it: This update is FREE for all our current customers! We felt a little bad for not adding many new features so we decided to make this major update free for all existing customers. :)

    Power Prompter 1.5.4

    We added a speed lock button to the teleprompter window. This button toggles whether you can change scrolling speed via the speed slider. Useful to prevent accidental speed changes.

    Important - Please Update!

    We're going to switch the licensing system soon. Please install this update to make your copy of Power Prompter ready for the new system.

    Installing this update will make sure that your copy of Power Prompter will keep its "activated" status and you won't have to re-enter your license key again.