Remote Control

Mac Teleprompter Remote Control

Working without an operator? Try our free iOS remote control app!

Most content creators today work alone. Or in small teams. Finding a dedicated teleprompter operator in such settings can be difficult…

But we thought of that and added extensive remote control features to Power Prompter. So you can control the teleprompter while reading the script. Totally silent and inconspicuous to your viewers and listeners!

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

The remote app runs on your iOS 9 device. It will work with your iPhone, your iPad and even with an iPad Touch. The app available for FREE on the app store.

Bluetooth and WiFi

The remote supports Bluetooth and WiFi connections. So if you're on site with a client you won't need to bother them about their WiFi password just to get Power Prompter running. Simply use Bluetooth and the remote will work without any configuration!

Get the remote control app

You can download the remote control app for free from the iOS App Store. Just open the App Store on your iPhone and search for "Power Prompter Remote".

Mac Teleprompter Remote Control Download Link

Or scan this QR code with your iPhone to download the remote control app.

Or visit on your iOS device.

Don't have an iPhone? No Problem!

You can also use a presentation clicker. Or a bluetooth keyboard.

Power Prompter comes with special keyboard shortcuts you can map to your presentation remote control. Or macro into a keyboard. Or directly send them. As long as your device is recognized as a keyboard by OS X you can use it to remotely control Power Prompter.

You can learn more about these special keyboard shortcuts in the Power Prompter manual.

Mac Teleprompter Presentation Remote Control