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Teleprompter for macOS 10.13, 10.14

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Changed the way I film videos! ★★★★★

"If I could, I would give it 10 stars. It has enough customization to create scripts how you like. But just enough that it is clear and not confusing. I tired 10 other apps and tried the free version of this one to see if it was what I wanted. I film fitness videos - I used to use foam board and a timer. With this app I could time the script to move to the next exercise. I love this app!"

- Mac App Store Review (United States)

Very useful ★★★★★

"I use the paid version of Power Prompter. I now write my content right into Power Prompter and can see how long the video will be. This has reduced my edit time by days. Takes me an hour to record a 30 min. presentation and about 2 hours to edit the content since I don’t have nearly the mistakes I did before. Excellent tool."

- Mac App Store Review (United States)

Brilliant! ★★★★★

"Truly pleased with this purchase. Easy step by step instructions. Simple to use. Ease of editing. iPhone app works well. Over all… this is a great purchase. Both myself and my partner learned to use in minutes and had it running and recorded our first training module in a half hour after purchase. Brilliant product… satisfied customer!"

- Mac App Store Review (United States)


"This app is just perfect for prompting lyrics! It’s an amazing light app that has everything I need. Automatic and manual scroll with speed control on automatic and manual!!! 5 STARS!!!"

- Mac App Store Review (Italy)

Thanks! ★★★★★

"First, Power Prompter is everything I was looking for in an affordable Teleprompter app. I am able to hook up an inexpensive 10-inch monitor, put it in my homemade Teleprompter frame, and read my script while looking directly at the camera. Everything you would like to be customizable truly is customizable. And one of my favorite things about Power Prompter is the developing team stays on top of it, regularly releasing updates!

Second, let me say the customer service of the Suborbital team is out of this world! They care about their customers. Top notch. Thanks!"

- Customer feedback by email (thanks, Lance!)

Simple and does its job professionally! ★★★★★

"This is a nice simple prompter that works well and has proven to be reliable, well worth the money"

- Mac App Store Review (UK)

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