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Power Prompter 2.0 is here!

Power Prompter 2.0

Today we released the 2.0 update of Power Prompter. It’s available now from the Mac App Store or directly from our update servers.

If your copy of Power Prompter hasn’t noticed the update yet just go to the “Power Prompter” menu and click the “Check for updates…” menu item. This will trigger the update process manually. Mac App Store users can go to the “Updates” tab and click on the “Update” button next to the Power Prompter entry.

The update brings many under the hood improvements and custom user key bindings as a new feature. Not only does this version run more smoothly on older Macs – it’s now also possible to add the most exotic hardware controllers (provided they are recognized as USB keyboards by macOS) to your teleprompter installation.

Oh, before we forget to mention it: This update is FREE for all our current customers! We felt a little bad for not adding many new features so we decided to make this major update free for all existing customers. 🙂

Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for contemporary small team and solo content creators.

Power Prompter iOS Remote 1.4.1

Today we released a small update to the iOS teleprompter remote app. It reduces the jerkiness of the speed slider with Bluetooth.

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Power Prompter 1.4.1

A few days ago we pushed Power Prompter 1.4.1 to our users. Here’s a quick overview what that update was about:

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Power Prompter 1.4 brings Bluetooth Support (and much more)

Our proclaimed goal is to make Power Prompter the best Mac teleprompter possible. That’s why we sat down and put some serious work into bringing version 1.4 of our OS X teleprompter to you!

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