Unlocking Power Prompter

Teleprompter for Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11, 10.12

How to unlock Power Prompter

1. Make sure to download the proper version

This is relevant for "Power Prompter Express" users! Due to limitations Apple puts onto the App Store the "Express" version of Power Prompter can not be unlocked with a serial number purchased from our website. You will need to download Power Prompter directly from us. Just click the following button and run the app:

Download Power Prompter

Once you downloaded Power Prompter you can delete the Express version as you won't need it anymore.

2. Open the "Register" dialog

If you run an unregistered copy of Power Prompter it will ask you to register it. Click on the "Register Now" button which appears when you start Power Prompter. If you can't see such a button simply go to the "Power Prompter" menu and select "Register…" from it.

Click on the "Register now" button to open the register dialog.

3. Find your license key

Switch to your email app (or website) and find the purchase confirmation email you got from our payment provider. This email also contains your license key. The email's subject is: "Your Power Prompter License".

A typical purchase confirmation email. The arrow points to the license key.

4. Enter your license information

Once you have found the email and have located the license key (see screenshot above) copy the email address from the purchase email and paste it into the "Email" field in the Register dialog.

Do the same with the license key. Copy the license key from the purchase email and paste it into the "License Key" field in the Register dialog.

Click "Register" to complete registration.

5. Finish activation

Once you're done with entering the license information click on the blue "Register" button. If you've entered everything correctly you will get a confirmation message. After that you can close the Register dialog by clicking the "close" button.

A successful registration.

Congratulations. Your copy of Power Prompter is now unlocked. Repeat these steps on any Mac you own and would like to run Power Prompter on.

Trouble Shooting

If things go wrong…

If you get an error message please check if you copied/typed in everything exactly as it is found in the purchase email. You have to use the email address from your purchase confirmation email. A different email address won't work!

Also make sure that you copied the whole license key and not only parts of it. Blank spaces before/after the license key are not a problem - the app will ignore them. But don't put any blank spaces in between the license key parts.

If you still can't get the registration to work please don't hesitate to contact us: support@suborbital.io