Today we released version 2.5.4 of Power Prompter. This update mostly makes the app play well with Mojave’s new dark mode. We now use native dark controls when running on Mojave and keep using our custom dark mode code when running on a macOS prior to Mojave. So it should all “just work” and look good. Please let us know if you find any strange glitches related to dark mode.

We also added three new indicator colors: Orange, purple and blue. We’ll be adding a color picker soon to this option so you will be able to customize this setting completely to your wishes.

In the background we enabled the new “hardened runtime” which hardens the app against changes by malware. At the same time we now let Apple “notarize” the app bundle before release. This means that if something should go wrong Apple will be able to remotely disable a specific build of Power Prompter. (We also have un-notarized versions available if you should need one. Just let us know.)

The update is live for our direct download users. Mac App Store customers will, as usual, have to wait a little longer till the review process is done and Apple lets the new update into the app store.

Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for small teams and solo content creators.