Want to work with us?

We always look for talented poeple to work with. But before you get your CV ready - read this first...

Because we're an employee-owned company we don't have an old-fashioned hiring process like many other companies do. We rather start working with people on a contractual basis and if we love their work and the chemistry is right we may ask them if they'd like to become a part of our main team. But we don't wade through CVs, don't do hiring tests/interviews and all that stuff.

So, how can you work with us?

Simple: Just mail in your portfolio. And as soon as we need something, that we think you are great at, we will contact you. It's all voluntarily - there's no obligation for you to take on the contract if you don't want to. We will just ask you if you're willing to do the job and in case you do, we work out the details.

What are we looking for?

Well, everything that fits broadly into the category of "Mac/iOS software development". So if you are a programmer, a graphics artist, a web designer or developer, a texter, a marketing or sales guru - just mail in your portfolio. We have a lot of work and always need talent!

OK, where do I send my portfolio to?

Just send us an email with a link to your portfolio. What counts as a portfolio? Everything that shows off your work: GitHub account, Behance account, your personal website, etc. And don't forget to mention your average hourly rate. Doesn't need to be overly accurate - just enough for a rough guesstimation.

Please do not send us big email attachments. We're using Google's email for business services and they regurarly break with big email attachments. (50MB counts as 'big' for Google's servers).