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LCD Font Smoothing on macOS Mojave – and how to fix it

If you have an external non-Retina display attached to your Mac then you might have noticed fonts being “off” after your upgraded to macOS Mojave.

The reason behind this is that Apple changed how LCD font smoothing works. They essentially deprecated the “old” way of font smoothing which was optimized for “low dpi” displays (read: anything non-Retina) and use a new algorithm that’s simpler, more efficient and looks better on Retina displays.

While the new font smoothing looks (and works) great on retina displays it’s not so great looking on normal displays. Fonts appear too thick and not as fine as they did in High Sierra. They are also kinda hard to read. Not good.

But there’s a way to fix it:

Left: New Mojave font smoothing. Right: Font smoothing with the fix.Left: New Mojave font smoothing. Right: High Sierra Font smoothing.

It’s not a complete return to how fonts looked on High Sierra because that functionality has been removed. But it’s a good approximation and a great improvement over stock Mojave font rendering. (This applies only if you rock a low dpi display. If you have a hidpi display keep the new Mojave font rendering. It’s better on hidpi in every way!)

So, to get proper font smoothing back, open Terminal and type in the following:

defaults write -g CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled -bool NO

Then simply re-start your Mac. (In theory it would be enough to just re-start applications but this won’t apply changes to all the apps. Mail will use the new old font smoothing while Safari won’t until you reboot). You can undo this change by simply replacing the NO with a YES.

If you’re interested in more about the topic, start here:

Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for small teams and solo content creators.

macOS Mojave and Power Prompter

We’re happy to announce that the latest version of Power Prompter (2.5.2) is fully compatible with Apple’s latest macOS release. We’ll be releasing a small update in the next few days, which will make the Power Prompter “dark ui” (which we had since 1.0) feel more native on Mojave. Stay tuned and have fun with macOS Mojave!

Power Prompter 2.5.2

We just released the latest update to Power Prompter. This update brings some bug fixes and a few improvements:


  • RTF/DOC import will now honor Italic and Bold font attributes
  • Power Prompter won’t change the icon of imported files anymore
  • Improvements:

  • Custom keyboard shortcuts which contain Control or Option keys will now work in every window
  • New highlight option “Blackout”: Darken non-highlighted text
  • New indicator color: Yellow
  • The update is available now for our direct customers. App Store customers will have to wait a little until the update passes Apple’s review process.

    Power Prompter 2.5

    Recently we released Power Prompter 2.5. This free updates fixes a pretty serious bug and brings some smaller improvements:

  • We fixed a bug that would lead to a crash when the user performed an undo during teleprompting. The app will now prevent this from happening.
  • Sidebar scrollers will now auto hide. Some users complained that having them visible all the time was annoying.
  • Power Prompter will now automatically remember the values for margin, word count and scroll speed and use those as defaults for new documents.
  • We added compatibility for the upcoming big macOS update. Dark UI now looks native and will render correctly.
  • The update is available from our servers right now. If you’re a Mac App Store customer you will have wait a little longer until Apple completes their review of the update.

    Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for contemporary small team and solo content creators.

    Power Prompter 2.3 Adds Support for MS Word Documents

    We’re happy to announce that we added support for MS Word documents to Power Prompter. This feature has been a popular request so we spent the last few weeks working on it and now it’s available to all our users.

    Though the support is pretty stable some limitations apply:

  • Unless you explicitly set a background color for your document in MS Word, Power Prompter will set the background color to white to prevent displaying black/dark text (MS Word default) on a dark background (Power Prompter default). You can prevent this by setting a custom background color in MS Word. Alternatively you can change the background and text color in Power Prompter after importing your Word document.
  • Power Prompter will overwrite custom text alignment settings. If you set a paragraph to be centered and another one to be left aligned then Power Prompter will overwrite both settings with its default (usually center). This is because Power Prompter doesn’t support text alignment on a per paragraph basis. While working in MS Word simply disregard any text alignment changes. You can set them later individually for each teleprompter window in Power Prompter.
  • While the support for MS Word files is pretty stable we can’t guarantee that more complex documents will be displayed properly. This includes embedded spreadsheets, movies, images, etc. Don’t go overboard with advanced MS Word functionality as Power Prompter is optimized for straight forward text documents. Adding anything “fancy” will most likely break your script or lead to performance issues. It’s best you limit the styling to italic/bold/underline and different text colors.
  • The update is available now via the Mac App Store or via our direct update functionality in Power Prompter!

    Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for contemporary small team and solo content creators.

    Suborbital Reports 1.4 introduces log window

    If you ever wondered why exactly there’s no reports available yet then you’ll love the new log window in Suborbital Reports. You can open it via the “Help” menu and by selecting “Show Log Window” there.

    Suborbital Reports logs all important events to this window so you’ll be able to find out the reason for when Apple’s reports are delayed again. Login and database errors will show up there, too. So it’s a fantastic trouble shooting tool.


    Suborbital Reports is FREE now!

    It’s finally here. Suborbital Reports 1.3! The big change in this version? It’s freeware now! That’s right – we don’t charge you anything. You can use Suborbital Reports for free. No hidden costs, no subscriptions, nothing. Just good honest Freeware.

    Head over to our Suborbital Reports page and download it now!

    Upcoming Changes

    Dear customers, we hope you had a great holidays season and a wonderful new year.

    In the short term future we’re going to implement some changes to our products.

    Power Prompter
    Power Prompter will be getting a UI overhaul. We’re working on modernizing the user interface. Nothing workflow changing – mostly cosmetics and little quality of life improvements. So no reason for anyone to worry.

    Color Squid
    Color Squid will become App Store only for the foreseeable future. Our licensing provider changed their API/system in a way that makes it mostly incompatible with Color Squid. So we’ll be distributing the app exclusively via Apple’s Mac App Store. Your existing licenses will continue to work and we plan to re-introduce a direct purchase version of Color Squid very soon.

    If Color Squid stops working for you please let us know and we’ll send you an unlocked version:

    Suborbital Reports
    We’re making Suborbital Reports free. If you’re running a software business that distributes software via the Apple App Store (both Mac and iOS) you will find Suborbital Reports very useful. And very free of charge 😉

    We’re doing this because it’s a highly niche software that didn’t have the commercial success we expected it to have. And because we’re using the software for our own business we’ve decided to make the app freeware. It will continue to get maintenance updates for as long as the App Store exists. But we will be adding only the features we personally need and customer support on this one will be very limited.

    If you bought Suborbital Reports in the last 6 months and would like to have a refund just let us know:

    Power Prompter 2.0 is here!

    Power Prompter 2.0

    Today we released the 2.0 update of Power Prompter. It’s available now from the Mac App Store or directly from our update servers.

    If your copy of Power Prompter hasn’t noticed the update yet just go to the “Power Prompter” menu and click the “Check for updates…” menu item. This will trigger the update process manually. Mac App Store users can go to the “Updates” tab and click on the “Update” button next to the Power Prompter entry.

    The update brings many under the hood improvements and custom user key bindings as a new feature. Not only does this version run more smoothly on older Macs – it’s now also possible to add the most exotic hardware controllers (provided they are recognized as USB keyboards by macOS) to your teleprompter installation.

    Oh, before we forget to mention it: This update is FREE for all our current customers! We felt a little bad for not adding many new features so we decided to make this major update free for all existing customers. 🙂

    Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for contemporary small team and solo content creators.

    Upcoming Licensing Changes in Power Prompter 2.0

    With the upcoming 2.0 release of Power Prompter there’s going to be a licensing change implemented. Don’t worry – the price stays the same. We’re just switching our licensing scheme.

    Power Prompter 2.0

    Our current licensing system works great but has the drawback that it requires an active internet connection to check the license every few weeks. Which means that Power Prompter installations which are not connected directly to the internet will ask the user to re-activate the app regurarly. Which is annoying and can waste a lot of productive time.

    That’s why we’re switching to a system that will work completely offline. Your license key will work even if your Mac is not connected to the internet. All license validation and activation is now performed locally within the app. Though this brings the risk of increased piracy we chose to implement this change as we think it’s in the best interest of our users.

    The switch should be completely transparent to you. In the best (and expected) case you won’t really notice anything happening. Power Prompter will just continue to work. In the worst case, which we’ve tested against for the last few months, you’ll have to contact us and we’ll issue you a new license key. But the chances of this happening are very very small.

    If you’re reading this blog post because you’re experiencing any licensing issues please contact us under!

    Power Prompter is a modern teleprompter application for the Mac. Specially designed for contemporary small team and solo content creators.

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